A few weeks back I opened my online store and the first item I put up was a set of coloring pages.  All 26 letters of the alphabet drawn in an Indian henna style.

My store is located here. http://exodusillustration.storenvy.com/

My day job requires me to travel to India a couple times a year to film and photograph stories.  Over the years I’ve grown to really appreciate and love the different types and styles of art that India has.  One of the more famous styles of art is called Henna.  Henna is a plant based material that when applied to skin leaves a temporary stain or tattoo, and the designs that are applied to the skin are called Mehndi designs.

I took inspiration from these designs and created an alphabet in this Mehndi style.  Then I made them into coloring pages and put them in my online store.

And I want to give away two copies of these coloring pages

to help spread the word!


Here are all the letters I designed.

all letters web

And here are a couple close ups.

To be entered into this little contest, all you have to do is go to either this Facebook post or this Instagram post and follow the instructions there.


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