Doll Chapter 1 Pencils

I haven’t written anything up for my blog in a couple months and that’s because I’ve been working hard on my Graphic Novel, Doll.  I have all the pencil drawings done for the pages in chapter 1.  24 pages in total!  This stage of the process probably takes the longest out of all of them.

Using the page layouts I did a while back as reference, I draw the full pages on 11×17 sheets of thick paper called Bristol Board.  This stage is where the pages really come together.  I draw every bounding box and add in all the details of every page.  Drawing all the details for each panel on each page is why why this stage takes so long.  But when the pencils are finished, you can see how the story flows and gives you a good feel as to what the final page will look like.

Here are all the penciled pages from chapter 1.  Enjoy.


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