Redemption Collection Storybook No. 3

The Rescuer

Redemption Collection Storybook

Issue No.3

At the end of last year I did a series of illustrations for six storybooks for Tiny Hands International.  They were for an end of the year campaign that ended up being successful in raising its intended funds.  A new story book came out each week and each book featured a different person and their story.

I did all the story-boarding, character design, and henna designs.  Every hand drawn element throughout the storybook was drawn by me.  The layouts and colors were done by a Graphic Designer named Heather Husen.

Here is issue number 3 in the series. The Rescuer.

THI Issue 3-1THI issue 3 spread1THI issue 3 spread2THI issue 3 spread3THI issue 3 spread4THI issue 3 spread5THI back cover



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