T-shirt Round 2

A couple months ago I had won a small T-shirt contest for a non-profit organization and they liked my design so much they asked if I would be willing to make another one for their year end campaign.  I, of course, said yes!

The organization is called Tiny Hands and they fight sex trafficking in Nepal and India and Bangladesh.  They have a number of children’s homes, orphanages, and schools where they help street kids, orphans and victims of sex trafficking.  Check out their website here.  http://tinyhands.org/

Their year end campaign is “Be Relentless” and here is the T-shirt I designed for them.

Relentless Tshirt mock up

Here is just the art.  The henna is entirely drawn by hand and then scanned into the computer where I add the text in Photoshop.

A love that's relentless tshirt ART BLACK

Here is a link to the campaign.


If you donate $40 or more you will not only receive a T-shirt designed by me, but you will be helping children and trafficked victims in Nepal, India, and Bangladesh receive freedom and hope and life.  A life they deserve.


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