The TITLE of my first Graphic Novel!

Here it is.  The title of my first ever Graphic Novel.


Doll is story about a young girl’s life after she gets trafficked and sold to a brothel in India.  Her innocence and soul is beaten and destroyed, but she learns to survive.
I wanted to create a Graphic Novel story that could help spread the message about this horrible, tragic occurrence in our world today.  Sex Trafficking happens all over the entire world, but I chose not to focus on the numbers and statistics but the individual stories.  These girls are people.  They are human beings with souls and the fact that these things happen in our world today is a horrendous crime.  It gets overlooked and swept under the rug.  Not anymore.
One thing I really wanted to convey is the realness of it.  This is a fictional story, but it is based on true accounts and real women’s stories.
This book will be powerful and it will get this message out further into the world.

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